Life Insurance

It’s a subject that rarely comes up in polite conversation, but the harsh reality is that if you have a family or other loved ones, life insurance is a sound investment, both financially and from a peace of mind perspective. Knowing that those dear to you are protected after you are gone is probably the main reason people cite for purchasing life insurance.

There are different types of life insurance solutions, based on your current situation and your goal, one size doesn’t fit all…. 

Here are some of the reason consumer own life insurance policies…

  • To protect their loved ones when they are gone. (So that the living family member doesn’t have to lose their home, cars and have to give up the current life style)
  • To protect their creditor/debt if or when something happens to them.
  • To invest for their retirement
  • Business Protection  and Planning

Ask us about ways to protect you and your loved ones… We have partnered with top rated insurance carriers such as;

  • AIG / American General Life
  • American National 
  • John Hancock
  • Nationwide
  • Prudential
  • Ohio National
  • Principal Life Insurance
  • National Life
  • North American Life

…and many others.

What differentiates us among others is that we take our time to shop around with all these life insurance carriers and offer you the best solutions based on your needs and affordability. We are not tied to one carrier, therefore, bringing the best solutions to our clients are our only goal and we have the resources and relationships to do just that.

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Disability Insurance



Homeowners insurance protects where you live. Car insurance protects what you drive. Health insurance protects your well-being. 

But what protects your ability to earn an income?

Disability insurance is a type of coverage that replaces a portion of your monthly income if injury or illness prevents you from working. It provides financial security for you and any loved ones who may depend on your most valuable asset — your ability to earn a paycheck. You may also hear disability insurance referred to as disability income insurance or income protection.

People may incorrectly assume what qualifies as a “disability.” For example, they may believe the term applies to catastrophic conditions, such as paralysis from a car accident or a debilitating stroke. However, disabilities typically are the result of less severe injuries and more common conditions such as pregnancy, back pain, depression, and digestive disorders.